Monday, 23 March 2009

More Blackberry and Apple Jam

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After Beth's successful attempt at making this jam before we thought it would be great to have another go with the remaining 3Kg of Blackberries we've had in the freezer over winter.

Asparagus Planting

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Our new asparagus plants arrived a couple of weeks ago and we finally got around to putting them in the ground this weekend, me helping where I could one-handed style.

First soak the asparagus in water for a couple of hours. While waiting, dig a trench and mix some compost in the bottom, water well.

Make a hump at the bottom of the trench such that the asparagus roots can be places over it with the shoot pointing upwards on top. Then cover with soil to a depth of an inch or so and job done.

We'll have to wait another couple of years before we can harvest anything from these.

Thanks to John and Liza for helping out digging trenches while I'm still injured.

Spuds are going in again

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I'm injured at the moment and unable to do any of my usual heavy work at the allotment. Fortunately, we have some good friends both at the allotment who have offered to help out, and locally who came to do a load of digging for us.

Many thanks to Liza and John who don't have their own allotment plot but were prepared to lend a hand when it was really needed. Although I suspect a labour exchange will take place when I'm fit again to get their veggie plot going at home!

In this picture, Beth and Liza are busy filling in the recently dug trench with lots of lovely new potatoes.