Sunday, 25 April 2010


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This is our first pick of asparagus!!!!

It's been growing on our plot for two years. We inherited a few plants from Skate and Charlie when they gave up their allotment.

Last year, we added an extra 10 plants, so the crop next year will be much bigger, as you have to wait for a couple of years before you can pick, so that I guess the plant has a strong enough root system.

Looking forward to eating this for dinner

Blackbird nest

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One of the things we like about the allotment is the wildlife, we've already got slow-worms (or snakes as our nephew Thomas calls them), and we used to have a frog. Well today, we found a blackbird nest, hidden around the back of our compost heap.

Hopefully all will do well, however, it is in a position that if a cat finds it...