Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Spring is here

After a long and dark winter, this weekend G and I finally got back down to the allotment. We hadn't done much work done here over the winter (apart from fix the broken window from where the youths broke it). All in all, the place wasn't in too bad a shape. After a couple of hours, we had dug over two beds, dug in some compost and planted the first early potatoes and first batch of summer beans.

Yesterday, I was working from home, and popped down after finishing work, and cleared most of the raised bed and planted some salad crops there.

Our back garden now also contains the pop-up greenhouse, which will be out until the summer, which has broad beans, peas and cauliflowers growing (hopefully) in it.

And on the windowsill, we have chili and tomatoes.

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