Thursday, 1 November 2007

Let there be light

More Picturesphoto

This is the latest photo we have taken from the same angle as my most recent blog post "In the beginning". You can see the marked difference between where we started at the beginning of May, and this picture taken half way through October.

Everyone where I work is probably fed up of hearing me go on about how much digging we've done this summer. It almost seems like every weekend we've been out there doing some heavy graft. But, in reality, it's not been like that at all. We took the decision to only partly manage our plot for the summer, so we could reap the benefit of some crops in our first year. Only now is the site starting to take shape as a whole as we look forward towards next season and even more great produce.

I really like looking back through Beth's pictures, but rather than retrospectively blog all of these I'll stop here with the before/after type arrangement and continue on from now. I'm not sure how exciting the pictures will be over the next few months though, as we head into our first winter at the allotment. Here's looking forward to some great veg, and tasty recipies next year!

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