Tuesday, 6 November 2007


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I don't think it looks much in the picture, but this is a whole weekends work. We've not taken too many pictures of this area before as it's just been used to park our bikes, but here's one from a couple of weeks ago to compare with. There's a little more work to do to finish it off, mostly involving spreading something rather unpleasant across it.

Next spring, this should become our potato plot for next year. It's quite a large plot so we should get lots of crops in here. This is why I think it doesn't look much in the picture by the way, it looks much smaller than it is, not sure why, maybe it's my shadow? Bear in mind, the side of the shed you can see is 7' long so this bed is easily twice that.

We've both been sleeping very well, we've put a huge amount of physical effort into digging out all the couch grass. There's another reason as well though, there's a great amount of satisfaction to be had from finishing off the majority of our digging work. We have a little more to do on the brassica bed, but I think we're both quietly pleased that next years weeding shouldn't be as back-breaking as this years digging.

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