Saturday, 16 March 2013

Mid March and a slightly fuller greenhouse

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Whilst it's still a little cold, today I've planted:
- Broadbeans (Bunyards Exhibition) - yes, I know this has already been said once this year, but after a freezing fortnight and no sign of growth, I decided it might be because the seed is old, so I purchased some more this morning from Sainsbury's and it happens to be the same type.
- Squash (Early Flat White) - this is a heritage type, let's see if it grows
- Statice - Art Shades Mixed - some flowers for my garden
- Pea - Klevedon Wonder
- Leek - Caretan
Sweet Pea - Perfume Delight, to encourage the bees at the allotment and for picking for my living room.

Hopefully it will warm and they will grow.

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