Sunday, 7 April 2013

Back after 2 week's break

So we went away for a fortnight, and what should be the beginning if Spring. But the UK has had freezing cold weather during this time, therefore I was a little bit weary about what I would find.

At the allotment, the garlic has begun to grow (hurrah); the rhubarb has frost burn, but should be recoverable (hmm); and the spinach and rainbow chard has been destroyed (boo).

In the greenhouse, the broadbeans that I thought were old and knackered have sprouted (bonus bumper broadbean bonanza?);the peas and tomatoes are beginning to do their thing (nice), and everything else is not responding (hurry up).

However, as it is now a little bit warmer (washing is drying outside), and signficantly lighter, I hope that things will catch up, and we actually planned our holiday really well!

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