Sunday, 14 April 2013

Spring has sprung, sewing time

Today has been about the first truly warm day (car thermometer said 19 degrees). Whilst we had a little pop to the allotment to put some veg peelings on the compost heap, and have a look at the onions - about 20, today was about sewing seeds in the greenhouse.

The greenhouse is now looking fairly full :-). Today I've planted:
- French beans (cobra) - we eat these during the summer
- Runner beans (Butler) - we freeze these for winter eating
- Courgette (jemmer F1) - we eat as many of these as we can, and then make ratatouille with  the rest. These are a bright yellow colour, slightly sweeter than green courgette, and look far more interesting on your plate!
- Sweetcorn (early extra sweet F1)
- Gourds  (Butternut, and Uchiki Kuri)
- Pumpkin (small sugar).

Note, I didn't need the extra broadbeans I planted - I now have about 45 plants! Going to be a lot of picking!!!!

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