Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Seed Potatoes

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It might not look like much at the moment, but we have a couple of boxes of these little guys on the go at home at the moment. We've had our seed potatoes for around a month or so now I guess and they're starting to shoot very nicely.

They're destined for our potato plot we spent so much time on and worked so hard to create at the end of last year. I'm really pleased we put the effort in to get that bit finished off last year as I don't much fancy doing all that digging in the weather we've got at the moment. That said, I'm assured it's still going to be a lot of work to dig them in, and even more to dig them back out again when they're fully grown.

Hopefully, we'll get lots of lovely home grown potatoes to give us plenty of room to experiment with potato recipies. It's got me thinking already, there's so much stuff you can do with a spud, salads, chips/wedges, jackets, skins, stuffed, all sorts really. Suggestions welcome of course, but maybe nearer the time!

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